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i've been so dead pls forgive me. my vs went out and i can't edit until i fix it. #omgpage
ok sorry i wanted to finish this theme
cc; mine! 
ac; i forgot! 
dt; whoever loves klaus! 
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ok i'm so fucking pissed. #omgpage
i worked my ass off on this, it better not flop. 🐺🐾
cc; mine! 
ac; i looped it! 
dt; ari lovers. 
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there's so much drama. #omgpage
miss katherine pierce ✧・゚
ac; i forgot. oops. 
cc; mine. 
dt; kp stans
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posting after i color this edit. ☺️ #omgpage
jfc this took so long, but ITS DONE. 
ac; mineee. 
cc; mine. 
dt; @comftydols @lcvingadot 
chifzkgzktzktzot ive been working on this all night this shit better not flop. 
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@wolfsbayte is hosting a collab of badass men. men are beautiful, jfc. -
must be following the leader (@wolfbayte)
tag 2-3 editors who would wanna join the collab
pick one of the eight parts and comment who you'll be doing. 
you can use any program, must have discord. 
YOU MUST submit your edit by the dead line or i will ask someone else to do it. -
i will make a groupchat with the people i chose. 
deadline: undecided.
if you have any questions please feel free to dm me or comment below. 🐺🌨♡
i love them sm. 
ac; @sspookyjim 
cc; mine
dt; @awuiana 
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posting in a minute! #omgpage #virtuousgrp
this took so long and i don't even like it. :/ ac; i forgot! 
cc; mine
dt; @oml.baddiesx