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I look awkward in this but I like the pic ahahah😂💓 2017 has been shit except for meeting this amazing horse that I love with all my heart honestly he’s one of the best things that have happened to me 🤗❤️
Rip 😭❤️
@xdolly_mixturex 💓💓
This is from a hack a while ago 😂💓 My parents said I could ride today so Idk what they think week is but oh well lmao at least it’s not a week 💓
Okay so I’ve been banned for another week like I honestly don’t see the point in trying to stay consistently riding like it just makes me upset when I can’t ride and my parents are  always find something I’ve done wrong so I can be banned for another fucking week🙄 like I know I’m not a good child but like srsly they can’t keep banning me as it’s not good for scooby either ughhhhhh it’s really pisses me off and makes me worried
This is an old pic but bitches I’m riding again 😂😂 I felt so dead after not riding for a week 🤦‍♀️💙
I can ride on Monday ☺️💓
I’m band from riding for a week for being a bitch so I won’t have many new photos or videos to post but I probably have some from a few weeks ago etc. 💓☹️
Ignore my position in this pic 😂🤦‍♀️ hellllooooooo my names Sophie and this is Scooby he’s a 11/12 year old (I’m not to sure exactly tbh🤦‍♀️) German warm blood he’s 15,3 and has done jumping and dressage 💓 he does enjoy jumping but I’m shit at it and don’t really enjoy it so we’re trying dressage. I currently have lessons where we are jumping and doing a load of random things but after Christmas I’m going to start getting dressage lessons 🙃I hope you enjoy my account ☺️💓