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In a stunning upset, Democrat Conor Lamb won an incredibly close special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District, beating out Republican candidate Rick Saccone in a deeply conservative district the nonpartisan Cook Political Report rated R+11.
The race stretched into Wednesday midday, when CNN reported Lamb was in the lead with 627 votes, with 100 percent of precincts reporting. State law does not mandate a recount in district-level elections.
IMO Teachers don’t need to have/teach/introduce/or otherwise be messing with guns around kids.
Stephen Hawkins passed away this eve unfortunately. On a more positive note, Dems are GOING to win in PA! Anything but these horrid Republicans, good lord.
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Yes, curse the sympathy factor of...*checks notes* dead...children...?
beautiful earth needs some of our attention
things are slowly changing. vote also with your dollars @unilad

Have some people saying they’re making money off our emotions....that’s ok. It’s about spreading awareness. We can make money and be enlightened. I say it’s a good use of capitalism
Teachers at Garfield High School were winding down classes for the approaching lunch break when they heard the startling sound of people — they were not sure who — running through the halls, pounding on classroom doors. “Walkout!” they were shouting. “Walkout!” They looked on in disbelief as hundreds of students streamed out of classrooms and assembled before the school entrance, their clenched fists held high. “Viva la revolucion!” they called out. “Education, not eradication!” Soon, sheriff’s deputies were rumbling in.

It was just past noon on a sunny Tuesday, March 5, 1968 — the day a Mexican American revolution began. Soon came walkouts at two more Eastside high schools, Roosevelt and Lincoln, in protest of run-down campuses, lack of college prep courses, and teachers who were poorly trained, indifferent or racist.

By the time the “blowouts” peaked about a week later, 22,000 students had stormed out of class, delivered impassioned speeches and clashed with police. Scenes of rebellion filled newspapers and television screens. School trustees held emergency meetings to try to quell the crisis; Mayor Sam Yorty suggested students had fallen under the influence of “communist agitators.” In the midst of the disruptions, Julian Nava, the only Mexican American on the Los Angeles Board of Education, turned to Superintendent of Schools Jack Crowther. “Jack,” he said. “This is B.C. and AD. The schools will not be the same hereafter.” “Yes,” said Crowther. “I know.”
Strange after my post a few days ago...companies are filling the gaps using technology. It’s a good thing.