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Sailing south, to the finest cultural extravaganza of Kerala. Witness the colourful banners, plunge into the depths of melodious music and get exposed to the fiery debates. Steering through the exceptional parleys, pro-shows and workshops, D-Tour beckons you to be the part of this spectacular voyage.

D-Tour, the Flagship Informal’s of Dhwani’18 is the hottest cruise in town on the D-day. A golden opportunity to traverse through the best of Dhwani, one tour per day, which a fortunate few get to be the part of this journey. If you got to experience Dhwani, then this is the best way to do it.

Perks! • VIP passes to all the talks, shows and debates of the day. Dhwani is going to have breath-taking Pro-shows and musicians from all over the nation. You get to enjoy their skills and talks, no penny spared. • Entry to the most interesting events. That even you wanted to watch but seemed too pricey? You can enter it free of cost! • Personal Guides to escort you around the campus and help you experience all the magical entertainment. • The Highlight: It all comes free of cost! Yes Folks, Be among the lucky few who get to traverse this festival with little to expend.

The clock is ticking and seats are filling up fast. 
What are you waiting for? Fill out the form to learn how to progress further in the competition.

For more details, contact: 
Aparna R Jayan 9400824554
Manu Shankar RL 8921378181
So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good
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Poetry is the beautiful translation of emotions into words. The art of expressing  these emotions in just 3 lines, bounded by a certain number of syllables, is the popular form of poetry, haiku.
A form of Japanese poetry, which spurred into the world through extravagant emotional expression.

Dhwani '18 presents Haiku
1.There should only be three lines,with a total of 11  syllables . The syllable count should be in the order 3-5-3.
2.Punctuation and capitalization are upto the poet and need not follow rigid rules in structuring sentences.
3.A haiku does not have to rhyme ,in fact usually it does not rhyme at all.
4.Haiku can include the repetition of words or sounds.
5.Entries failing to meet the deadline will not be considered for the competition.
6.The decision of the judges shall be final and binding.

•1st prize : Rs1500  The entries shall be judged by renowned poet *Kala Ramesh*, who has published in reputed journals and anthologies, both online and print editions in Japan, Europe, UK, Australia, USA and India. 
Her work can be read in two prestigious publications: Haiku 21: an anthology of contemporary English-language haiku (Modern Haiku Press, 2012) and Haiku in English - the First Hundred Years (W.W. Norton 2013). Channel your thoughts and feelings through a haiku to win cash prizes worth 1.5k

Start date: 1st March 2018

End date: 14th March 2018

Venue: Online

Register at:-

NB: Prize money is subject to the quality of participation.
Journalism,  when done well,  can make or break societies. A good blend of pen and thoughts can topple governments and make the poor,  rich.  Journalism,  to the world,  is like David to Goliath. 
Have a taste of 'The Scoop' at Dhwani 2018 ,  where words weave magic and the earth quakes in its wake.  The question is, who will get the best scoop? 
Don't forget to make it delicious!

First round begins on 27th February.

Bharat - 94959 77011
Sreenandini - 80890 89489


Register for the event via the link:
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The joy of performing is much greater than winning... still we can’t give up the title...twice in a row✌🏻...
PDC stands for Phoenix Dance Crew and ✌🏻stands for peace
I was this close but that ni🅱️🅱️a got other plans.
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