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all you need is a couple million dollars and a corrupt purpose
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🧡Organized by Student Government, AUC students staged a walk-out today, standing in solidarity w the students, teachers, administration, & community of @stonemandouglashigh & #Parkland #Florida. #StonemanDouglas #EnoughIsEnough #StudentsStandUp #NeverAgain #EndGunViolence #ChangeIsNeeded #ActionsNotJustPrayers #GunSense
🧡Organized by Student Government, AUC students staged a walk-out today, standing in solidarity w the students, teachers, administration, & community of @stonemandouglashigh & #Parkland #Florida. #StonemanDouglas #EnoughIsEnough #StudentsStandUp #NeverAgain #EndGunViolence #ChangeIsNeeded #ActionsNotJustPrayers #GunSense
I don’t know if this happens after all school shootings or we’re seeing it because it’s home but these kids are not giving in! Not letting this go!! Not taking any shit from anyone and I LOVE IT! The power and the bravery inside these kids is admirable!! I pray for all the victims and all the families.... #MSDStrong #NotOneMore #EndGunViolence #MentalHealthAwareness #ChildrenAreTheFuture
Gun shootings has got to end! We need Gun Control and we also need to bring peace back into this world! Here is my document on what I have to say about gun violence!  #endgunviolence #bringbackpeace #nomoreguns #noviolence #nomas
An #idea.... #backgroundchecks #studentsdemandaction #resist #endgunviolence
@thedesignerteacher just posted this and it was exactly what I needed to hear. My stomach has been in knots for a week, my anxiety is through the roof, and I’m tired of fighting against people that don’t see the value in our safety. As a result, my immune system is shutting down and I need to REST.
So tomorrow I’m taking the day off, from school AND social media. I need to unplug, and if you’re feeling the same way- here’s a quick reminder: WE don’t need permission to take sick days. We all want mental health to be a priority, and yet we feel so ashamed to take a break ourselves. Take care of yourselves, educators! Sending love into the universe. 💓 #restingnotquitting #endgunviolence #strongertogether #mentalhealthawareness #advocate #loveothers #teachersofinstagram
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Guns lead to intentional and unintentional misuse far more often than they are used for justifiable, self-defense related homicides. Check the stats. For every time a gun is used in a self-defense homicide, a gun will be used in 1.3 accidental deaths and 4.6 criminal homicides. 
Recent events have shown us that gun violence is still a serious problem that the NRA and our current administration neglect to acknowledge. I stand with all the #ParklandSchoolShooting survivors who’ve shown an immense amount of strength and bravery through this horrific and ungodly massacre. If you’re passionate about gun control, join students, teachers, parents, and allies around the nation and #MarchForOurLives! It’s time speak up and stand up if you believe in safety over intimidation. - Shepard #EndGunViolence #NeverAgain

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God Saves and Satan Invests, 2014
Mixed Media (Stencil, Silkscreen, and Collage) on Canvas
30 x 41 inches
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!! Warning! The contents of this post may cause extreme butthurt, proceed with caution, you have been warned.

See these? Yeah the little boxes with letters in them. Do you know what they are for?  ladies and gentlemen I give you the periodic table of gaming elements, also known as the RATINGS GUIDE! This lovely little guide was created by developers and publishers of the gaming community to give the purchasers of their games a fool proof way of knowing what type of game they are getting and what age is appropriate to play it. Yes, I know, it's completely shocking. I almost couldnt believe it myself. Hold up! This just in, Parents are rallying together saying kids are being effected by the games they play, that games are violent, have guns, explicit content and bears oh My! That we all need to ban together and put an end to violent video games because it's causing violence in their kids. Ahem... here comes the butthurt
Kids are only being exposed to violence in video games because, (again sorry for the butthurt) parents buy them these games without taking 5 seconds to read the rating label printed on the FRONT of the game. Here comes another burn, parents whose kids buy their own games tend to leave the box on the floor, under their bed or you know somewhere laying on their piles of homework. Meaning you can easily check the RATINGS right there in the comforts of your own home. No box? Ooh, that's a tough one, there's this lovely bar inside your computer called Google, it too can provide the ratings. Also in case you forgot this, every album in the music industry that has explicit content in it, literally says EXPLICIT on the FRONT of the cover in BOLD print. So next time you blame music for influencing your kid just remember the bold print. This one may sting a little bit so be prepared, you as a parent have absolute 100% control over your children, meaning you have the ability to choose what you will allow them to play. Therefore if you see them play a violent game and do nothing then it's not the games fault for corrupting your child, it's not the company that designed the game, it's YOURS. Remember that. #endgunviolence
From Washington DC
--We had a fire drill in our school today (I go to middle school) and a lot of the kids were talking about the shootings going on, how shooters would lure the kids out with the fire alarm and open fire, so naturally my anxiety was up, though I'm sure others had it worse... two girls behind me were talking about how scared they were, I was scared to walk out of the classroom tbh... all because some law makers value their wallets' health over their children's haha America is great isn't it 
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Repost from @moveon - Hundreds of brave high school students marched to the U.S. Capitol this morning to say #ENOUGH: End gun violence now. Thank you ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏾 📷: @itssarapearl We are with you. #EnoughIsEnough #EndGunViolence #GunControl #Resist #RejectTheNRA #VoteThemOut